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Catalina is a visual artist and audiovisual-multimedia communicator with a profound passion for art, culture, literature, and cinema.

Her creative journey extends into the realm of illustration, character design, movie posters, graphic and visual design, as well as storytelling. She has also gained proficiency in editing, color grading, montage, and has assumed roles such as Director of Art and Production Designer in the world of film and audiovisual projects. These experiences have enriched her creative toolkit, allowing her to approach projects with a holistic perspective.

As a collaborative team player, she contributes diligence, resourcefulness, and strategic thinking to any project. Her effective time management ensures that she meets deadlines while delivering high-quality work.

Whether working independently or as part of a team, she takes pride in her problem-solving abilities and her openness to unconventional ideas. Her strong communication skills, networking abilities, and proficiency in creative tools make her equally comfortable and experienced in working on small-scale ventures or contributing to larger projects, as well as collaborating as part of a team or working independently.

Her approach to work is characterized by an innovative and imaginative vision. She relishes the opportunity to collaborate with fellow creatives from diverse backgrounds within the entertainment industry and remains committed to bringing ideas to life with dedication, creativity, and resourcefulness.

To receive a full scope of her resumé, please download here.

En español, descargar aquí.


Creative Writing


Research Skills


Graphic Design

Visual Design


Adobe Suite


Attention to Detail

Creative Strategy








"The Tiger"

(04.2023 - 07.2023)

Groupie Magazine

(11.2022 - 01.2023)

"Fading Rainbows"

(10.2022 - 05.2023)

"Boys Don't Cry"

(05.2022 - 10.2022)

Ghost Soda

(12.2019 - 04.2022)


(08.2019 - 03.2021)


Universidad de La Sabana

(2020 - 2024)

BA in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


BA in Visual Arts

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